How to enterĀ  Team CFX 2013
Team CFX members will be selected from the highest ranking members from the CrossFit Games “Open”
The Top 3 Guys and Girls will have the first choice to be on the team. We will also take a fourth person as a reserve in case injury.
To be considered a member of CFX you need to have trained at CFX for minimum of six months prior to the open.

Team CFX 2012

Antonietta Scola
Antonietta has a strong background in cycling, triathlons and running prior to CrossFit. Following Nic Calvert over to CrossFit in 2009, Antonietta has found the level competition to be exceptional and loves being tested every time. In 2010 and 2011 qualified to compete at the Australian Regional Games as an Individual.

Nic Calvert
Nic is an inspirational member of Team CFX. Having spent her childhood and early adulthood overweight, Nicole has found a love of health and fitness. Several years of competing with Antonietta in different sports found the team mates together again at CrossFit Effects. Nicole is also the Kids Trainer at CrossFit Effects and hopes to inspire children to love fitness.

Natalie Pasfield
Natalie also has a solid background in sport with Ocean Swimming and Netball. With over 30 CrossFit competitions under her belt since April 2011, Natalie has risen rapidly from beginner to Elite level. 2012 sees Natalie in her second CrossFit Regional event as a CFX Team member.

Christine Ray
Christine has a solid background in junior sport, with state and regional levels achieved in sprinting and then OZ tag played at St George at State Cup level. A career as a personal trainer introduced Christine to weight training where she competed in her first Figure Comp with ANB in 2011. A relatively new entrant to the sport of CrossFit, Christine is going from strength to strength.

Nathan Beves
Nathan has a solid sporting background, with basketball, rugby league, rugby union before Skateboarding and Body Building in recent years. Finally making the transition to CrossFit in 2011, Nathan has experienced great success at all CrossFit Events with two individual first places, as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th in three Team events. Nathan’s workout times are competitive with some of the world’s best CrossFit Athletes. Nathans strength and his determination to drive are an asset to the Team CFX.

Alexander Thackary
With a solid two years of CrossFit training behind him, Alex is another team member who represented Team CFX at last year’s CrossFit Regional. Alex also competes at all CrossFit Games days and has some impressive results.

Peter Goodman
After fifteen years of soccer, five years of Oztag, running over 60km a week, and competing in the NSW Cross Country every year, Peter has made the transition into the sport of CrossFit.
With a single objective of becoming a well rounded athlete and developing all the skills necessary to dominate in the world of CrossFit, Peter is a solid member of the Team CFX.


Scott Butler
Scottie Butler was introduced to CrossFit at CFX in April 2011 and has not stopped. During his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, Scottie competed in two CrossFit Competitions, coming 6th overall and 1st overall. This is Scottie’s first event as Team CFX member.