We have 3 easy steps to get you started.


1. Contact us and schedule and appointment to speak to our coaching and sales staff, we will spend as much time as you need answering your questions about class times, rates, discounts, and our training centre.

2. Then sign up for the next scheduled Fundamentals Session. Fundamentals is mandatory for all new clients ages 16 and up. If you have been training at another CrossFit Affiliate that took you through fundamentals you can join straight into the group if you like.

3. The Fundamentals consists of the nine fundamental movements we have designated as the key movements of our program. Demonstrating proper mechanics, consistancy, and safety of these movements are critical to the success of our center. The movements are Air Squat, Dead-lift, Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Overhead Squat, Push Press, Push Jerk. Sumo deadlift high pull and Squat clean.

mick-airsquat deadliftThe Fundamentals program is an introduction to our gym and the style of training we use. We want our new members to be comfortable with our workouts and our system. We want new members to be able to properly perform the nine fundamental movements, and be prepared for the intensity of our group classes. Through the fundamentals program we hope to provide new members with a base of knowledge that will help them reach their lifetime fitness goals.


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