I have been part of CFX since September 2012. Before I started CrossFit I played soccer and many other sports and was training with family and friends at boot camps and the gym. I still play soccer with friends but concentrate more on CrossFit and setting up a good foundation of health and fitness for the future. Having found CrossFit at CFX and started coaching, it has made me a stronger person both mentally and physically. Whenever I coach or partake in a class I am always learning something new and increasing my knowledge, whether its from another coach or...

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Khoterra is an energetic young lawyer who has a great deal of enthusiasm for health and fitness and has in spare time completed her qualifications in crossfit courses to join our team. She has enjoyed participating in sport and exercise from early childhood and is a motivational trainer who brings a positive and contagious energy to her sessions.  Khoterra thrives on helping clients achieve their goals loves to see results in her work. CrossFit Cert Level 1 Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor CrossFit Mobility Trainer Crossfit Goal Setting Carl Paoli freestyle Gymnastics

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Luke Pickerd

I joined CFX in October, 2012. Since doing so, I have learnt a lot about the spectrum of fitness and now really enjoy sharing and applying my knowledge through my coaching. Of the three major disciplines trained, Gymnastics and cardio respiratory endurance are my strongest while I continue to enjoy the challenge of improving my weightlifting. Before joining CFX I was heavily involved in rugby league and athletics representing local and state teams at various competitions state and nation wide. Since applying CrossFit to my training I have found all areas of my fitness have improved dramatically. It is the satisfaction...

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Mick Shaw

Mick is an exceptionally highly motivated and experienced trainer. With ten years service in the Special Forces his expertise and formal qualifications were used in the development of specific conditioning techniques and programming for combat related missions. This included a high level of mental and physical preparation of Special Forces teams and individuals. Mick continually develops his knowledge and has applied scientific principles to strength and conditioning programs including rehabilitation for corporate clients. His experience and understanding of functional conditioning has him working with elite and recreational athletes for optimal performance. Mick has an innate ability to train and impart knowledge...

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